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Web Development

P.K. Williams Tech Services offers a wide range of solutions to your queries regarding web design, management and marketing services. Our offers include the facilities of full- fledged communication gateways through the personalized user email services and highly reliable web hosting services at a very affordable price range. Further, we have made it our focus to provide the highest levels of technical support, customer satisfaction and quality of service in the web hosting industry.

Web Design, Hosting and Maintenance

1. Web Design Services ranging from basic informational sites to Internet based Business Solutions.
2. Web Customization as per the personalized needs of the clients.
3. Competitive Web Hosting Rates.
4. Fast and responsive technological support and zero down time on web hosting.

E- Commerce

1. Ordering system with email forms.
2. Powerful database management system driven websites and web-forms.
3. Shopping Carts, Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts and other exclusive services.
4. Integration with social media websites and search engines.

Database Development, ASP.NET Application Developments

1. Integration of New and Existing Databases both on Web and Windows Applications.
2. Completely compatible applications in any environments..

Custom Design and Services

At P.K. Williams Tech Services , our prime objective is to personalize your demands and model them into an efficient solution on the framework you choose to base your designs. Custom designed websites are tailored specifically towards your business unique needs and your personal design preferences. The typical candidate for a custom designed website will require multiple web pages to display products/services and/or product/service categories.

Other candidates who would opt for a custom designed website would need to present more than one page of information categorized into distinct subject areas and/or gather business lead and/or want to design web pages to perform optimally on search engine searches.

2 Responses to Web Design

  1. Craig Shipley says:

    Is a Data Center ever going to be a part of your services?
    A couple of years ago worked for a company in east mesa that operated a data storage site in the other part of the building at a call center i work for. I quizzed the guys that owned the place every chance i got….the guy that ran and owned the data center said the main fuction of the facility was of course managing and storing data for all their clients. and each time they built a vpn they got a new data storage customer as well. it was really cool what he showed me they were doing to save money on hardware for the VPN’s they would use cisco routers to build the VPN (after some kind of simple hack of the routers circuit board.) He also said that Cisco’s newer routers cannot be modified and used like the older model. this company is family owned and operated. all the contracts to manage\store data that is sent back and forth on the VPN’s that the company would set up quit enexpensively with a hacked Cisoco router. .. I like the concept of a data center and technical service because if you have the data center you not only have a monthly service fee coming in for life. food for thought. food for though. . Creating a service (data storage) that lives on bringing in revenue month after month. i think the amount of data managed is usually only around 20 or 30 TB’s (wlan and vpn ) i dont remember which network built used the cisco router. for a tiny company these guys made a shit ton of $$. i would like to do a little follow up on them….. this was 4 years ago. the data center is only about 3 miles from where i live. i will make sure its there. and if you want we could go take a tour. idk maybe this is not anything you are interested in . but then again maybe this is a urika moment. Patrick i really looked up to you and i still do of course). Thanks for all you help with the algebra and trig. Your the best.

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