Tech Training


Tech Training

P.K. Williams Tech Services provides personal coaching and training in the digital realm. We can make you smarter, faster and more efficient with the way you use computers, digital devices, the internet, and technology in general. This includes fixing problems, cleaning up and protecting your system, and sharpening your software skills.

This is not about being hip and cool with the very latest thing in your pocket. This is about rising above the fray and learning to employ technology strictly where and how it offers the greatest benefit for you personally. This is about assessing and developing your own digital realm over which you are master and commander, gaining both personally
and professionally from the time spent within it.  Maybe you would like help with:


  • Setting up your new machine
  • Creating user accounts
  • Upgrading RAM
  • Setting up wireless networks (routers, WiFi)
  • Installing and uninstalling programs
  • Configuring E-mail addresses
  • Configuring Apple mail program
  • Tips and strategies to deal with large volumes of


  • Keyboard shortcuts to work faster
  • Setting up printers
  • Setting up a backup system


  • Upgrading to Mac OSX Lion
  •  iWork
  • iLife
  •  iTunes

iOS Devices

  • Getting the most out of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • Choosing and using the apps that are right for you.

Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Hulu, Netflix

  • Setup and walk through all the different things they can do.

Digital Cameras and Photography

  • All aspects of Digital cameras and digital photos, including image adjustments and editing.

Special Projects

  • Photo slide shows
  • Books
  • Presentations

Imagine a patient and knowledgeable technology friend who listens to your challenges, questions and concerns related to technology, then takes the time to show you hands-on solutions, tips and tricks.

I’m mobile and come to you – home, office or coffee shop – and teach you on your own equipment

Affordable hourly rates

Gift Certificates available!

Learn how to put your digital devices to work for you, instead of just using a fraction of their functionality… Technology is expensive – Get a return on your investment!

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