Computer Networking
Defined as the means of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Networking can be categorized in lots of different ways. One of the more traditional ways is to categorize the type of network by the geographic area it covers. Local area networks (LANs) typically reach across a home, single office or business location, whereas wide area networks (WANs), reach across states and countries. The Internet is the most well known and largest public WAN.

Our Experience
At P.K. Williams Tech Services we have extensive experience providing fully integrated computer networking solutions to ensure that your home personal computer network and business computer network operations are functioning both efficiently and economically across all types of network configurations. We also consider computer networking security to be as important as having the most up to date hardware, thereby ensuring that your business not only have a competitive advantage, but keep that competitive advantage up and operational.

Our Relationships
Our company has relationships with some of the largest and most reliable companies in the Computer Networking Industry. These relationships provide the capability to provide our clients economically advantageous solutions with tomorrow’s technologies, today. We leverage our history of relationships with industry leaders to provide technology advancements to our clients quickly and properly.

Our Solutions
Up to date computer networking hardware is only part of the equation. Having best in class security solutions is the other part. All of our computer networking includes up to date security to protect you and your customers. Rest assured that the networking solutions designed and implemented by P.K. Williams Tech Services will keep your mission critical data and applications safe and running smooth.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us to learn more about how P.K. Williams Tech Services can help your business succeed and how your home situation can be more efficient with effective computer networking.

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